Plasma Cutting AVALON 40.1 Serie

Plasma cutting unit Avalon 40.1 PFC and Avalon 40.1 AIR with integrated compressor

Cutting C-steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cooper and more


The Avalon 40.1 PFC is a lightweight, handy plasma cutting unit

with high cutting performance and top cutting quality. Its low

weight and easy handling make it the ideal candidate for craftsmen,

workshops and industry.

The air plasma cutting unit Avalon 40.1 Air with integrated compressor is your reliable partner

for demanding applications. Carry out your work with the Avalon 40.1 Air to cut material up to 18 mm thickness.




- IGBT technology.
- Active PFC technology for high duty cycle and energy efficiency

- Manual switch to activate the airfl ow to set the test air pressure without triggering the torch.
- Powerful compact unit
- Intelligent protection function protects the




Scope of delivery:
1 Earth cable 3m
1 Cutting torch LT-50/6 m


Optional accessories:

Hand torch

PT-60/6m with coaxialcable






ModelAVALON 40.1 PFCAvalon 40.1 PFC AIR

Input power (V)

4,2 KW 160~275V
Fre. HZ


1-220/230/240 ± 10%


1-220/230/240 ± 10%

Rated input current

23 A 33 A

Rated input power

4,9 KW 4,7 KW

Setting range of the current

20 A ~ 40 A

20 A ~ 40 A

Duty cycle 40°C 10 min

35% 40A

60% 32A

100% 25A


60% 40A

100% 30A



Cut-off for carbon steel

≤25 mm

≤18 mm


cutting thickness     

                                                                        Carbon steel

< 20 mm ≤14 mm

                                                                       Stainless steel

< 16 mm ≤14 mm

                                                                          Alu. Copper

< 12 mm ≤14 mm
                                                   Copper < 5 mm

≤5 mm

Measurment (L x W x H) mm

505x147x305 mm 480x210x340 mm

Protection class


Insulation class

Air Air


8 kg 17,9 kg



Power Factor

0,99 0,99
Item no.







Kai Greising e. K.