The new comfort-class Bestview VIII
TOP GRADE 1/1/1/1

Fully automatic, impact resistant, convenient!


The new Bestview VIII with automatic dimout is suitable both for welding and grinding. The helmet is also equipted with an extra large field of view. Spectacle weares can leave their glasses away by adding the optional magnifier, which makes the helmet even more comfortable.



- Suitable for TIG welding. Dims out from as little as 9 amps.
- BESTVIEW VIII is suitable both for welding and grinding. Adjustable on the outside of the helmet.
- New, improved turn-over headstrap adjusts the helmet’s centre of gravity to suit the wearer.
- Slipcase for the exchangeable Lithium CR2450 coin battery.
- With 4 sensors.






ModelBestview VIII
Field of view 100 x 65 mm
Filter measurements 110 x 90 x 9 mm
UV/IR protection

up to dimout number DIN 16

Light state DIN 4
Variable dimout DIN 9 to DIN 13
Power on/off fully automatic

Switching time




0,03 to 0,8 msec.

0,25 sec. to 0,8 sec.



Operation temperature -5° to +55° C
Storage temperature -20° to +70° C
Helmet material polyamide nylon
Weight 490 g
Approval number 4/9-13 JAVAC 1/1/1/1/379 CE

Kai Greising e. K.